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Located on the Danube, on the border between Bulgaria and Romania;

  • The fifth largest city in Bulgaria–population185,000;
  • The largest Bulgarian port on the Danube, equipped with modern facilities and a container terminal. The port services both passenger-ships and cargo ships from many European countries. There is also a ferry boat line from Rousse to the Ukrainian port Reni and the Romanian port Giurgiu;
  • The only bridge across the Danube connecting Rousse with Giurgiu, Romania
  • Rousse is at the crossroads of transport links. Two of the European transport Corridors have their crossing point here, namely Corridor VII (Rhein – Main – Danube), and Corridor IX (Helsinki – Saint Petersburg – Moscow – Kiev – Bucharest – Rousse – Alexandroupolis), which makes a connection between Baltic and Northern Sea from one side, and Mediterranean and Black Sea, from the other;
  • Rousse is the town that makes the inner-state connection between the Danube River and the Black Sea (Rousse – Varna);
  • A major economic centre – one of the six customs free zones in Bulgaria is located on its territory;
  • An international licence airport.

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