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The centre offers  3 conference halls, which are air-conditioned, have enough daylight and WiFi, and are situated on one floor. The maximal capacity of the conference hall if the arrangement is as in a cinema is 110 seats. The halls are available for the needs of Desense, as well as of everyone who considers Business Park Rousse an appropriate host for their meetings and presentations.

The lecture hall is equipped with a screen, multimedia, flipchart, TV and possibility for sound system. Its capacity is 18 seats. It is suitable for conducting presentations, seminars and trainings.

The business hall has capacity of 14-16 seats, situated around oval table. The hall is suitable for conducting private meetings, briefings and interviews.

Computer courses on personal computers with 6 to 8 work places on movable tables can also be conducted in this hall.

The two halls are connected with movable partition wall which allows them to be united into one hall with capacity of 59 seats if arranged as in a cinema.


The advantage of the conference halls is that all of them are situated on one floor – conference halls, café, terrace, WC, elevator.

An easy access to the café for the coffee breaks, as well as a terrace which is suitable for cocktails at the end of the events during the warm days of the year, are ensured. An indoor smoking area for the winter days is ensured.

The halls can be used in different arrangement configurations and it is possible to be arranged in a certain configuration until noon and to be re-arranged for the afternoon depending on the purposes of your event.


1 hour 1/2 day 1 day
Hall 1 – lecture hall
capacity: up to 18 people
area: 38.5 м2
70 BGN 120 BGN 160 BGN
Hall 2 – “Round table”
capacity up to 18 people
area: 44 м2
70 BGN 120 BGN 160 BGN
Hall 3 – “Round table”
capacity: up to 18 people
area: 40 м2
70 BGN 120 BGN 160 BGN
Hall 1 and 2
capacity: up to 50 people
area: 82.5 м2
90 BGN 150 BGN 200 BGN
Hall 1, 2 and 3
capacity: up to 110 people
area: 122.5 м2
320 BGN 320 BGN

* All prices are without VAT

* Prices outside of working hours are negotiable


1 hour 1/2 day 1 day
flipchart 20 BGN 30 BGN 30 BGN
laptop 25 BGN 50 BGN 90 BGN
MMProjector 30 BGN 60 BGN 90 BGN
wall screen
180cm х 180cm
15 BGN 20 BGN 30 BGN

* All prices are without VAT

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