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Business Park Rousse is located on the two main boulevards in the city of Rousse, namely Lipnik Blvd. and Potsdam Blvd., which connect the Business Park with the centre of the city and the ring-road and thus assures an easy and fast access to all points of the city.

Business Park Rousse has excellent transport accessibility both by private and public transportation. There are seven bus lines, which pass on Lipnik Blvd. (No. No. 2A, 5, 12, 15, 18, 20, 33) and three trolleybus lines (No. No. 2, 13, 21), which connects Business Park Rousse with all parts of the city. There are two bus lines, passing on Potsdam Blvd., where there are also Bus Station – East, and the railway yard.

There is a regular transport on the route Rousse-Giurgiu-Bucharest- bus lines and direct passenger train Rousse-Bucharest.

Main Distances
Mall Rousse
In direct vicinity
Rousse’s ring road
300 m
The Е70 and Е85 international roads
300 m
Drive to the centre of the city
5 min.
Drive to Rousse Port
5 min.
Drive to Danube Bridge border checkpoint
5 min.
Shtruklevo Airport
17 km
The Romanian city of Giurgiu
9 km
The Romanian capital Bucharest
67 km
Sofia-capital city of Bulgaria
300 km


The transport infrastructure of the city of Rousse is well-developed, and through the town pass international roads, which connects it with the other towns of the country, as well as with the neighbour countries.

  • Road E-85 connects Rousse with the Romanian capital Bucharest, and passing through Haskovo and Svilengrad, goes to Greece and Turkey. That’s the main road between Greece and Turkey and the countries from Central and Northern Europe, thus connecting Aegean Sea and Baltic Sea.
  • Road E-83 connects Rousse with Pleven and Sofia. This is the main route from Greece to Russia.
  • Road E-70 connects Rousse with Varna. This road starts from the Spanish town La Coruña and ends in Varna, thus connecting the Atlantic Ocean with Black Sea. From Varna there are ferryboat lines to the ports of Odessa in Ukraine and Poti in Georgia.


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